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Below you'll find the same NASM-accredited content that is on the CEU Content page, but at a lower cost. This is for anyone interested in the courses but do not need the CEUs (continuing education credits). The three courses below are IDENTICAL to the CEU content. The only difference is that there is no exam to take and no Certificate of Completion.

These are separate courses, therefore, you do NOT have to purchase them together.  Having said that, the instructional videos are designed to give clarity to the chapters in The Medical Fitness Bible, so they are closely linked, and best understood if purchased as a package.

These courses were created to help people CLEARLY understand how to design clinically safe, progressive, principle-based programs for general (able-bodied) and special populations. They will guide you through each aspect of program design, including:

1. Understanding established exercise principles and how they relate to optimizing program design.

2. Performing the initial consultation.

3. Performing the initial assessments (trigger point, flexibility, aerobic, strength, movement).

4. Designing the programs for able-bodied individuals (trigger point, flexibility, aerobic, strength).

5. Designing programs for special populations (e.g., joint pain, osteopenia and osteoporosis, hypertension, type II diabetes, obesity, pulmonary conditions, cancer survivors, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis).

You're also welcome to set up 30-minute Zoom calls directly with Jeff to ask questions, once you have completed the courses.

Please email if you have any questions about the courses or the payment process.

Please note: since the content available for purchase on this website is downloadable, digital content, there are NO refunds for any purchases.

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