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The PLAYBOOK(s) for building a medical fitness component within a clinical setting.

Part 1 (from the Physical Therapist's perspective)

Part 2 (from the Fitness Professional's perspective)

Part 1: Jeff built the medical fitness component at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Center for Health and Healing in New York City, the most comprehensive urban-based medical fitness facility in the U.S. at the time. He has built three successful medical fitness practices in New York City and Los Angeles, CA. He has presented on this topic for the American Physical Therapy Association, American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Osteopathic Association (a parent governing body in medicine), American College of Sports Medicine, Medical Fitness Association, many colleges and universities, and as a continuing education Provider for the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Part 2: Thomas serves as the Director of Clinical Services for a chain of lifestyle medicine, medical wellness facilities in Seattle, WA.  He oversees more than a dozen physical therapists, over ten exercise physiologists, several registered dietitians, and is responsible for ensuring the seamless integration of their patient services.  Additionally, Thomas has also presented on topics related to bridging the gap locally and nationally.

While the videos make reference to building a successful medical fitness component within a PT clinic, the concepts apply to any type of medical practice.

We suggest watching and learning from both videos. It is important for clinicians and fitness professionals to understand both perspectives, which will then lead to a more successful relationship between the two, and a more successful integration of services.

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JYKinesiology, LLC provides virtual medical fitness patient services for clinicians across the entire spectrum of care.  These is a cost-friendly option which will capture a larger fraction of your patient population.  Our services are designed to create an informed consumer, and provide the education they need to get started on the right foot. 

We also provide ongoing programming, "check in," and partner training options as ways to reduce costs.  For more information, head to the Services page!

Below is a detailed (21 minute) instructional video on the qualifications clinicians should look for in a fitness professional; several options on how to find them in their local area; a thorough explanation of the vetting process (to include a downloadable handout on the left); and suggestions on how to begin creating a successful, symbiotic collaboration.

After watching the video, if you'd like additional help in finding one or more trainers to work with, please send us an email -- we'd love to help!

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