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Below are handouts and "How To" instructional videos on various exercise and exercise-related topics.  Feel free to download the PDF files and associated videos for FREE.

For more detailed information, you can purchase the related instructional videos on the Fitness Education page, and/or the Medical Fitness Bible -- all of which create an entire course on how to design programs for able-bodied and medical fitness special populations.

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Below is a 10-minute video explaining to physicians how to know when to refer to a physical therapist versus when to refer to a qualified fitness professional. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us!

Below is a detailed (21 minute) instructional video on the qualifications clinicians should look for in a fitness professional; several options on how to find them in their local area; a thorough explanation of the vetting process (to include a downloadable handout on the left); and suggestions on how to begin creating a successful, symbiotic collaboration.

After purchasing the video ($4.95), if you'd like additional help in finding one or more trainers to work with, please send us an email -- we'd love to help!

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Clinician to fitness professional referral schemes are often hampered by two of the most common perceived barriers that patients possess -- a perceived lack of motivation and a perceived lack of finances.

This video includes a long list of suggestions on how clinicians can help overcome the 'lack of motivation' barrier, and how clinicians can work with fitness professionals to overcome the 'lack of finances' barrier.

Underdosing is prevalent in medicine, rehab, and fitness, especially with older adults and people diagnosed with chronic medical conditions. There have been calls to action to avoid underdosing, but in order to avoid it, we first have to recognize it.  


Watch this video to understand the difference between under and proper dosing; when underdosing is appropriate; and how to avoid falling into the trap of underdosing for the long term.

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