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Discover the key to resilient knee health with our comprehensive video series, starting with this essential guide. Whether you're aiming to prevent injury or manage existing conditions, learn the crucial principles of integrating joint-friendly exercises into your routine. Delve into the intricacies of muscle engagement and explore exercises tailored to strengthen and stabilize your knees effectively.


Explore the distinction between knee and hip dominant exercises, understanding how each contributes to overall joint health. From squats and lunges to deadlifts and leg presses, uncover the nuances of exercise selection and execution to maximize benefits while minimizing risks.


Gain insights into single-joint exercises targeting crucial muscle groups directly impacting knee health, including hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles. Learn how to progressively challenge your body, starting with conservative approaches and gradually advancing as strength and confidence grow.


Empower yourself with practical strategies for injury prevention and rehabilitation, guided by expert advice and evidence-based recommendations. By following these proven guidelines and integrating them into your fitness regimen, you'll not only reduce the likelihood of knee injuries but also alleviate existing discomfort, paving the way for a stronger, healthier you. Don't forget to explore our other videos focusing on spine, shoulder, and neck-friendly exercises to optimize your overall musculoskeletal well-being. Unlock the path to enduring knee health today!

How to Improve Your Knee Health

  • Jeff Young, MS, CSCS

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