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The educational video aims to elucidate the various factors integral to crafting an effective resistance training program, providing clarity on each variable. It contrasts the relative simplicity of designing aerobic exercise programs (the FITT-VP Principle) with the multifaceted nature of resistance training program design. The video outlines numerous variables including frequency of training, intensity, set and repetition schemes, exercise order, rest periods, and breathing considerations. It emphasizes the importance of understanding subjective intensity and distinguishes warm-up sets from true working sets. The concept of set volume and its progression throughout training phases is explained, along with the significance of exercise order and proper form. The video also touches on the necessity of rest and recuperation, and the importance of incorporating active rest or deload periods into training cycles. Lastly, it underscores the role of breathing techniques and safety considerations during resistance training. The comprehensive overview provided sets the stage for subsequent instructional videos, offering viewers a framework for developing safe, individualized, and progressive resistance training programs.

Resistance Training Program Design Variables

  • Jeff Young, MS, CSCS

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