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About Us

Our Story

Thomas and Jeff met through a mutual acquaintence in November, 2020 and

realized immediately that they were kindred spirits with a nearly identical vision

and passion to bridge the gap between medicine, rehab, and fitness.  Within weeks

the original website was underway, and about one year later they launched their

podcast series.

Jeff had already been collaborating with Sheila, who he met through the American

College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), and in late 2021 he introduced Sheila to Thomas.

Shortly after, the three were on their way to developing a presentation for the ACLM's annual conference in the fall of 2022.  The theme of the presentation corresponds with

the theme of the MRF Institute - educating on how to move patients through the

medicine and rehabilitation pathways into the fitness and wellness domain.

It only made sense to turn that presentation into a continuing education course which

you'll find on this website, and to include Sheila in the partnership.  Since then, the

three have been strengthening their collaboration and tapping into their respective

networks, with the end goal of creating this educational institute to benefit you,

the user, and ultimately, the public good.

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Meet The Team

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