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Medical Fitness Patient Services

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Most clinicians aren't aware that a major barrier and primary reason why patients are slow to work with fitness trainers is because, when the subject is brought up, there is an assumption that they would be expected to work with the trainer for months or years to come.  After nearly 20 years of receiving patient referrals from clinicians across the spectrum of care it has become clear that most people don't want a trainer for the mid or long term for various reasons -- most just want to know how to exercise safely and get started off on the right foot.  


Other, more common barriers to referral are a perceived lack of finances and a "fear of the unknown" -- i.e., working with a trainer who doesn't understand and can't empathize with their condition or conditions, who may train them too hard or expect too much.

Our model is specifically set up to address those barriers:

1. By providing services virtually, we reduce the cost of the sessions and make it more affordable to more people.  We also reduce the need for travel which also allows us to capture a greater patient population.

2. While we are able to offer more traditional "training sessions," our model revolves more around education -- creating an informed consumer by teaching them the concepts, guidelines, and principles of exercise programming, specifically catered to their goals and needs.

3. We also provide free access to educational videos, including proper form videos, to help guide them through their sessions.

4. Additionally, we allow "check-in" sessions as needed, an option to write out their program to perform on their own, and an option to share services with a partner (friend, family, co-worker) as other ways to reduce costs.

Our current trainer, Alyse Freeman, has a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology (see her bio below).  We will only staff fitness professionals with a degree in the exercise sciences, and we collaborate as a team, along with you, in the design of clinically safe exercise programs.  These are what separate our services from anyone else in the world.

Your patients will be in the hands of an entire team, which includes your input, all of whom have expertise in designing clinically safe, progressive, principle-based, exercise programs.

We would also love to place YOU on a program, at no cost, so you can experience our services for yourself!

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From Sheila Hautbois, PA-C, one of our referral sources:

"Jeff operates a unique small business that provides expert medical fitness education and guidance virtually, so it is accessible to anyone anywhere. I consider Jeff to be one of the premier medical fitness experts in the country, and he has a masters-degreed exercise physiologist Alyse who works with him who is also great.


They offer fitness education that is personalized for each patient. This education empowers patients to learn how to exercise, so it's particularly good for those who do not wish to commit to working out regularly with a trainer. The guidance this service provides is based on evidence-based exercise science principles and is easy to follow.


They help patients exercise safely, effectively, and efficiently. I have consulted with Jeff Young for my own fitness program and have been surprised and pleased at my strength and fitness gains despite my multiple musculoskeletal issues. I have referred dozens of patients, all of whom have had a positive experience working with Jeff and Alyse. I highly recommend them!"


Alyse Freeman, MS Biography

A two-time alum of the California State University (CSU), Alyse earned her bachelor’s degree in physical education, (Pre-Physical Therapy), from CSU Dominguez Hills, and her master’s
degree in kinesiology, (Exercise Science), from CSU Long Beach. There, she promoted physical activity as a vital sign of health as president of the award-winning, gold-level recognized, student-run organization, Exercise Is Medicine – On Campus. In addition to her work as an Exercise Physiologist, Alyse is the Kinesiology Consultant for Esports at CSUDH, and as a video game lover, sports enthusiast, and health fitness professional, she is a proponent of merging sports medicine and strength training principles into the training of those in the general population and gaming community.

Alyse is adjunct faculty at CSU Dominguez Hills, teaching in their Kinesiology undergraduate program. Having also been certified as a Personal Trainer, Alyse is passionate about patient education, and values opportunities where she can guest lecture or speak to varying communities about the benefits of exercise and its effect on their physical, metabolic, and mental health. Her current research interests include physical activity epidemiology, metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders associated with physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyles, practical countermeasures to prolonged sitting, and ergonomics. Additionally, Alyse is a dual member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine, where she also serves as a volunteer for its Southwest regional chapter. Her goal is to help people live happy, well-balanced lives, and provide them with the tools they need to effectively improve their health, fitness, and overall well-being.


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