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This course offers a comprehensive examination of the interplay between medicine, rehabilitation, and fitness, illustrating the critical role of structured, progressive exercise in enhancing health and combating chronic disease. Spearheaded by a diverse team of experts, it delves into evidence-based exercise guidelines, successful models for patient care, and innovative strategies to bridge the existing gap between medical care and physical fitness. The curriculum is designed to empower healthcare providers and fitness professionals alike with the knowledge to prescribe exercise effectively, tailor programs to individual needs, and overcome barriers to physical activity. By emphasizing the benefits of resistance training alongside aerobic exercise, it challenges conventional practices, advocating for a more holistic approach to patient care that addresses the epidemic of physical inactivity and its contributions to chronic illness. The course not only highlights the necessity of interdisciplinary collaboration in enhancing patient outcomes but also provides practical tools for integrating exercise into comprehensive treatment plans, thereby fostering a culture of wellness that transcends traditional healthcare paradigms.

Transforming the Medical Fitness Pathway: From Medicine & Rehab to Fitness

  • Jeff Young, MS, CSCS

    Sheila Hautbois, PA-C

    Thomas Hammett, DPT

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