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This comprehensive educational video, derived from a well-received presentation at the Obesity Medicine Association's annual conference, focuses on the essential principles of exercise programming for individuals with diverse medical and musculoskeletal conditions. It underscores the importance of integrating aerobic and resistance training tailored to individual needs, while demystifying the complexities involved in crafting personalized exercise prescriptions.


Key Highlights:

  • FITT-VP Principle: A detailed exploration of Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, Volume, and Progression, providing a foundational framework for designing aerobic exercise programs that cater to a wide range of individuals.
  • Intensity and Heart Rate Monitoring: Insightful guidance on measuring and distributing exercise intensity, ensuring safety and efficacy in training programs.
  • Resistance Training Nuances: Discussion on the importance of resistance training, appropriate dosing, and the dangers of underdosing, especially in populations like older adults or those living with obesity and other chronic conditions.


The video extends beyond theoretical knowledge by offering practical applications, ensuring that clinicians can translate these insights into effective, safe, and engaging exercise regimens for their patients. It also emphasizes the critical role of collaboration between healthcare providers and qualified fitness professionals to enhance patient care and outcomes.


This resource is invaluable for clinicians across the spectrum of care, fitness professionals, and even informed laypersons interested in understanding how to design exercise programs that are both safe and effective, considering medical and musculoskeletal conditions.


Added Value:

  • Connection with Fitness Professionals: Detailed strategies on how clinicians can better connect with fitness professionals to enhance patient care.
  • Advanced Topics: Additional insights into periodization, exercise selection, and the physiological basis for exercise recommendations.


This video is a must-have tool for enhancing clinical practice through the integration of exercise programming, offering a pathway to improved patient outcomes through tailored physical activity interventions.

Obesity Medicine Association 2024 Presentation

$14.95 Regular Price
$9.97Sale Price
  • Jeff Young, MS, CSCS

  • 51 minutes

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